The power of elements in Vastu

Our body is made of five elements, in the same way universe is also made up of these five elements. These five elements are: Earth, Space, Water, Air and Fire. All these elements play a very important role in our life. Any imbalance in any one of the element will lead to various problems in life. Let’s take an example that excessive sugar intake in the body will create imbalance in the body. This excess sugar intake in the long run will lead to serious health problems like weight gain, increased blood sugar problems, heart problems and many more. In the same way our environment also needs balance of all the five elements of nature. So it is very important that before purchasing any plot or house one should check whether the place has balance of all the five elements.  Let’s understand each of the element in detail:

Earth: Earth is the most important element out of all the five elements. We get everything required for our survival from ‘Mother earth’. It includes everything on and below the land. Crops, Vegetation, soil, minerals, crude oil, stones, etc. Whenever one buys land for residential or commercial purpose it is important to check the quality of soil, shape and size of land etc., It is important to select the right kind of land which is appropriate according to vastu. If earth element is imbalanced there can be various health problems for the owner of the land. Various health issues can be as under: obesity, cholesterol, weakness, bones and muscular diseases, etc.  But if earth element is balanced then there will be financial stability, harmony in relationships among the family members, behavior of outsiders will improve with the family members etc.

Water: Water is also significant element as it is believed that first life on earth begun from the water. Up to 60% of the human body is made up of water. We cannot even imagine our life without water, as it is essential for the survival of human beings as well as useful in daily chores. Therefore we store water in overhead and underground tanks in our houses and offices. If these storage of water are inappropriately placed in the residence, office, factory, then there can be serious health issues like asthma, cold, sinus, and blood related issues in one’s body. But if water sources are well placed the person will experience continuous flow of wealth, stability in thought process, positive thinking, spirituality, etc.

Fire: Fire is the basis of all sources of energy which is also driving process behind all life processes. In earlier times fire was considered as god as it was used  in cooking , protection from wild animals, lamps for the temple, funeral rites etc., Fire is also the symbol of enlightenment as we lit lamps in our houses so as to get insight about truth in our life.  Fire in modern times is also equated with money as it is driving force for all of us to earn money. If chimneys, kitchen, geysers in factories, oven etc., are wrongly placed then there can be serious consequences for the owner, this can lead to fever, skin diseases, acidity, diabetes etc.  But if it is balanced then person will get name, fame, authority, confidence and wealth in life.

Air: We all living things cannot survive without air. It represents movement and growth. Pure air is always the preference of human beings since ancient times. Humans have constructed houses according to the flow of air and sunlight. If air in one’s house or residence comes from negative direction then it can lead health issues like lung disorders, depression, sciatica, spinal cord problems, blood pressure etc.,. but if this is balanced then person is full of life, happy, positivity in the house or office, one will think in right direction in life, etc.

Space: Space contains many stars, planets, galaxies, meteorites, etc. These heavenly bodies in the space release many invisible energy rays to the earth. These rays of energies play an important role in our lives. The central place of residence office or factory is considered as space and called as Brahmasthan in Vastu. This is the most important place in residential vastu, plot vastu, office vastu or factory vastu. The most important principle of vastu is that Brahmsthan should be always be vacant and no heavy weights should be kept on it. If there is heavy machinery, stock of goods, heavy furniture in the central place of the house, office, factory, then there can be serious consequences like financial losses, thyroids, speech problem, back problems and many more. If these parameters are followed it increases the knowledge, gives financial benefits to the dwellers etc.,

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