Transit of Rahu and Ketu (23rd September, 2020)

Rahu will transit in the sign of Taurus from 23rd September, 2020. Rahu is the shadowy planet and it has only head. It generally adopts the characteristics of the sign which it occupies. Rahu signifies largeness or vastness and in the  sign of Taurus  so it will give tremendous wealth , luxury, extreme hardworking, stubbornness, too much spending on clothes,  and entertainment. Rahu is illusionist so while dealing, one needs to be take logical and practical decision otherwise, person will fall prey of cheating and fraud. Rahu in Taurus will behave unconventional for those in the field of creativity like painting, acting, singing, music etc., Rahu in Taurus will bring in past karma bondage in this life. There is probability of meeting love of your life who had past karma relations with you. During this time people will tend to become selfish and forget the gesture of gratitude for others. Rahu creates illusion or Maya and makes one believe the circumstances to be true. Once the illusion is over there will be lift over of the situation which could lead the person towards enmity, debts,  or self-destruction . It also explores, the unexplored areas of life, and many mysteries are solved during this period of transit.

Ketu will transit in the sign of Scorpio from 23rd September, 2020. Ketu being the other half body of Rahu will adopt the characteristics of the sign of Scorpio. Ketu is well known for its transformation so it will bring in changes in the lives of the people which is generally unknown to the people. Transformation only occurs during the cycle of creation, destruction and again creation. People who are spiritually involved will see a good phase in life as ketu is the planet of spirituality and Scorpio is the stable and deep water. This indicates that people who wants to go deep into spirituality will see success as going from one level to another will be smooth. This transit of ketu will be beneficial for the people who are in the field where intuition is required like astrologers, tarot card readers, numerologists, palm readers, face readers  etc., People who are in the field of unearthing like researchers, miners, divers, , archeologist, etc., will get success in their  respective field .

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