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Mita Khatri is a consulting astrologer from last 15 years. She is expert in Vedic astrology, Advanced astrology, Krishna murtipaddhati of astrology and specialises in gems and stones.

She is post graduate (M.com) and has also acquired B.ed degree (Bachelors in Education) from Mumbai University. She has worked with various institutions of education as a Professor for 19 years.

Mrs. Mita has learnt vedic astrology from ‘Maharishi Parashar Jyotish Vidyalaya’ . Her clients are generally teachers, chartered accountants, corporate employees, housewives, and many more.

She not only uses vedic astrology in her practice but advanced ways of studying a chart as due to fast growing world, one needs to keep in mind evolving careers, relationships, education and many more.

Mrs. Mita uses various divisional charts which gives microscopic view of the client’s chart. She uses Navamsha (D9) chart, chaturthamsha (D4) chart, Saptamsha (D7) chart, Dashamsha (D10) chart, Shodasamsa (D16) chart, Trimsamsa (D30) chart and many more for marriage, property, children ,career, vehicles and fortune respectively.

She also uses tried tested Yogini dasha method to accurately predict the events in her client’s chart. She uses her intuitive power for the benefits of clients.

She strongly believes that ‘Universe will throw back positivity if you give positivity to the universe’. Therefore she is staunch believer in good karmas. She practices positive thoughts , meditation, energy building auras, in order to guide clients in better way.Her remedies are practical and scientific based which will be helpful to the clients to improve their karma and achieve success in life

She has specialization in suggesting correct gems , stones and rudraksh which will additionally benefit clients to attract right type of energy to solve their problems of life. She is also staunch supporter of ancient mantras when enchanted in right manner will give desired results. Mantras are also advantageous for maintaining good health.She recommends mantras according to client’s chart.



She specializes in vedic astrology, Krishnamurtipaddhati of astrology, Vastushahatra, Numerology and also expert in gems. She is consulting for over 12 years. Her clients mainly include businessmen, hotel owners, engineers, doctors, corporate personnel and many more.She has vivid knowledge of vedic astrology wherein various divisional charts are also analysed for better reading of clients chart.

Her practice and expertise in prashnakundli(krishnamurtipaddhati of astrology ) has earned her name and fame among her clients. She believes that prashnakundli system is accurate , reliable and helps to provide right guidance to her clients.

Mrs. Sheetal is best vastu consultant located in Mumbai regularly visits vastu related sites like residential areas, offices, plot and factories. She uses her knowledge of vastu gained and years of experience to solve liquidity problems, life partners relationships, losses in business, late marriage, sleeping problems, behavioural problems of children, educational problems of children, legal problems, stress in family, workers strike and discontent, labour turnover and many more.

She analyses the correct problems areas and provides remedies which are practical based and 100% result oriented. She also uses advanced energy detectors and vastu scanner instrument to correctly assess the negative areas in human body and also the geopathic stress lines where place of vastu is under consideration. With the help of this instrument remedies are accurately provided.

Mrs. Sheetal also specilaises in numerology wherein she provides accurate advise in change of personal names, company names, thereby achieve desired results for the clients.She also suggest various gems and stones which are intricate part of remedies.