Career Astrology

At shivhom vastu and astrology consultancy regarding career is provided at length. Since we are career astrologers located in Mumbai we have varied number of clients’ right from professionals like chartered accountant, doctors, teachers, lawyers, businessmen, private job seekers, government servants and working in a multinational company. This include rajyogas, dhanyogas, chances of increment and promotion, breaks in career, planets that are weak, growth in career, satisfaction at work, whether doing business or job will be beneficial and any other question raised by the clients are undertaken. At shivhom vastu we analyze the horoscope on the basis of date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Our clients are from various strata of the society we predict about their career in detail and according to the expectations of our clients.

Example -

  • Gender : Male
  • Date Of Birth : 19/09/1981
  • Time : 08:05 AM
  • Location : Mumbai
  • He is our esteemed client since many years. He is an Indian pilot for prestigious airline but also recently promoted as captain. We are hereby putting his horoscope so as to understand what made him pilot. This is the d1 chart of our client. In the lagna there are four planets strongly placed. On preliminary analysis it seems to be extraordinary chart as lot of yogas are formed in his chart. Exalted lagnesh and tenth lord is in the lagna which makes the person powerful and intelligent. Mercury is sitting with Saturn which is the fifth lord, the lord of education. So mercury is giving good support to the Saturn in studies. Saturn is also responsible for imparting technical education to the person. Sun in the lagna twelfth lord is also sitting with lagnesh shows that person will have foreign land connection in his work. At the same time planet Sun according to kaalpurush kundli is exalted which gives a person lot of self-confidence which is required to be a pilot. This sun also gives government connection which shows that he will get government support or job in his work. Rahu and Mars in eleventh house gives extra ordinary courage to the person as he has responsibility of hundreds of passengers. Rahu , Mars also gives technical education which is self-proven. Moon in exalted position and in trikona house which is required as during the crisis pilot needs to take such decision which will save the passengers from any kind of danger. Moon is navam pancham fromlagnesh,fifth, fourth, seventh house lord which is also one kind of higher rajyoga. Here we could make 50% analysis about his career but we still need to confirm in D10 chart.


    It is separate chart for career and overall karma. In this chart will see tenth house and tenth lord placement for confirming him for becoming a pilot. In his tenth house airy sign is there and karaka of karma that is Saturn is sitting in exalted position which gives us guarantee of becoming a pilot. Tenth lord Venus is also in the airysign andVenus itself represents luxurious aircraft. Here comes a secondconfirmation that this person is destined to be pilot. His tenth house and lord are associated with technical planets like Rahu, Mars and Saturn which also gives final signal on the same. Moon is in Kendra and aspected by twelfth lord Jupiter which shows that person will have to travel to foreign lands for work purpose. He is an international pilot from last twelve years. His d10 chart has rajjyogas, dashas of which shows that he was promoted as captain of the airlines in the year 2019. Here we take into account main horoscope as well as associated charts and dashas to confirm on prediction in career of a person.


  • Gender : Male
  • Date Of Birth : 5/12/1976
  • Time : 12.05 AM
  • Location : Mumbai
  • This is the horoscope of our esteemed client who started working at a very young age. At the age of 17 he started his business. If we see his d1 chart lagna doesn’t have any planet but aspected by Mars. This shows that this person is fierceful, motivated, aggressive and passionate by nature. Lagnesh is in sixth house in enemy sign so it is weak but in upchay house, this shows that person wills see good time in his work after lot of hard work. All his upchay houses have planets which is also result oriented. He will get the result of his hard work in his life time. When he started his business it was only hand to mouth income but eventually business starting growing with patience, endurance and consistent hard work. In his D1 chart there is beautiful raj yoga formed in his tenth house of the horoscope that is Mars. Mars is in its own sign but associated with Sun which is Kendra lord, which make this yoga of a higher level. Karaka of karma Saturn is aspected by Venus which is lord of luck and Kendra house, whichshows that luck will favor after hard work. Initially his business was of retail but later grew to wholesale and manufacturing.


    We will also check d10 chart for yogas in his chart. Tenth house of d10 chart has planet Sun which is sthan vargottami which is very good for this chart. Jupiter in tenth house is debilitated but it represents that the person will have to start his business from the ground level. There is neech bhang yoga in this chart whereby Saturn is placed exalted in the seventh house. This Saturn is sthan baliwhich is making person successful in his work. Mars the d10 lord is also placed with exalted Rahu makes a person risk taker in his life.