Residential Vastu



Constructing of well and bore well

Ideal direction to construct well or bore well should be north, north east as it will lead to increase in person’s fortune, wealth and fame.Utmost care should be taken while constructing well or bore well according to vastu. If it is constructed according to the parameters of vastu then it is bound to give health, wealth and prosperity to the entire family.

Central place (Brahmasthan)

Central place of house is very significant in vastu. Any type of heavy weight or construction should be avoided in the Brahmasthan. We at shivhom vastu and astrology provide residential vastu visit in various cities like Mumbai, Gujarat, Pune, etc.. Constructing stair case, bathroom or kitchen in Brahmasthan can have unfavorable effects on the family.

Dining Room

Dining room is important part of the house as entire family sits together during this time. An ideal direction to construct dining room is west. But due to any circumstances there is no separate dining room then one can place dining table in the kitchen in the North West corner of the house.


Kitchen is the most significant place in the house. It is the heart of the house. Kitchen should be placed in the south east or north west of the house, which will satisfy everyone and will lead to good health among the family members . There are certain vastu tips one should follow for the Kitchen like: The person cooking the food should always face east otherwise it will result in women looking more aged than their husbands and controversies in the family. If kitchen is not well placed it will lead to poverty, problems in progeny, behavior of house wife remains unpleasant, resulting in debt, selling of property and losses. Vastu of Kitchen includes balancing of all elements of nature , as women spend their maximum time in the kitchen.


Bedroom plays an important place in the house as person requires peaceful sleep for healthy life. It is preferable to have bedroom in, south west, south and west direction as it gives happiness and comfort to the inmates of the house. If there is faulty placement of bedroom in the house then there can be serious consequences like court cases, litigation, and depression or bitter relationship between life partners. One should sleep with head positioned east or south as it is an ideal position this will lead to increased knowledge and thinking power, gives pleasures, wealth and overall happiness. Residential vastu is also important as bedroom of kids play significant role for their future and overall being.

Washrooms / Toilets

It is compulsory to construct toilets or washroom is south, south west (SSW) of the house or office. We provide you certain vastu tips for Constructing a toilet in north east corner or eastern side of the north east this will can lead to quarrel among the family members, contraction of diseases, daughters of the family get affected negatively in terms of health, married life or studies.

Construction of Door

Main door of the house is considered to be very important part of the house or office. Main door construction done in these various padas like Eesh, Surya,Satya,Aakash and others can bring serious and ill effects on the dwellers of the house.


Internal staircase should not be constructed in northern part of north east and eastern part of north east, this will bring adverse effect on the professional promotion of men in the family and financial trouble. Number of staircase that should be constructed should be in numbers like 5,11,17,23 etc and never end in zero.

Store Room

The Store room plays a significant role as all yearly food materials are stored in it. The best direction to build Store room is North West of the house as it is considered to be auspicious. Constructing Store room in the faulty direction will lead to misfortunes for the family members.