Property Astrology

We at shivhom vastu and astrology also assist our clients in decision making process of buying or selling of property, investment in property, multiple property yogas in horoscope, correct time to buy property and many more.. If a person is facing any dispute in property due to any reason, we provide 360 degree solution to such problem through astrology and vastu. Though we are based in Mumbai but we have provided property solution in other states like Gujarat, Pune, Mumbai, New Vashi, etc. We also provide Plot vastu, residential vastu for the property purchased by our clients.

Example -

  • Gender : Male
  • Date of Birth : 11/01/1961
  • Time : 08.00 PM
  • Location : Mumbai (Suburban)

  • We will see property yoga in this chart. We will first see D1 chart. In D1 chart moon is in 4th house, only benefic connection and malefic aspect. So this person will have property of his own in his life. In this chart 4th lord is Venus and is with ketu in 8th house. The significator of land and property is Mars and Saturn both are aspecting each other. This is also a promise for propertybut with hurdles.


    Now we will check D4 chart, lagna has Mercury in it and Jupiter is aspecting it. There is only benefic connection which gives assurance for property in one’s life. In d4 chart 4th house is the house of property, it has Moon in it. This shows that person will have property of its own.4th lord is with Saturn, Sun, Jupiter which signifies that person will have fully constructed multiple property. As this person was also expecting gains of parental property, which is also fulfilled in the chart. Parental property is seen from d12 chart.


    Here, also as there is a connection between 9th lord and 11th house of d12 chart. But since all the planets are connected to 6thlord, 8th lordand 12th lord in D4 chart, person will have to go through litigation in order to acquire parental property.