At shivhom vastu and astrology we believe that ‘prevention is better than cure’. One should not only get their health checkup medically but also get their horoscope analyzed. This will help to take preventive measures to prevent any illness in advance but can avoid it practically for few years. We are Mumbai based astrologers but our clients are based in various cities and abroad. We at Shivhom vastu do team work for analyzing any horoscope and make exclusively use of divisional chart to correctly identify type of diseases. We also provide remedies which will be helpful to our clients in maintaining a good lifestyle.

Example -

  • Gender : Male
  • Date Of Birth : 19/5/1959
  • Place Of Birth : Navsari
  • Time : 11:40 AM
  • We will look at his D1 chart, lagna does not have any aspect but lagna lord Moon is in 3rd house with Rahu aspected by Saturn and Mars. This shows some problem related to moon like blood circulation in the body, heart, and stomach related issues. In d1 chart, 6th house has Saturn which is malefic, maraklord, 8th house lord and aspected by Mars and Venus. This is adding fuel to the fire in the chart. Here we have initial idea of some problems regarding health.


    Now, to understand in detail we will take d27 chart of this person. Lagna of d27 chart is aspected by malefic Saturn and no benefic aspect on Lagna which makes the chart weak for health.

    Lagna lord is in 12th house which makes the chart all the more weak for health. In this chart Jupiter is with ketu aspected by Rahu and Jupiter aspecting Venus, which reveals that the person hasdiabetes. There is mutual aspect of Mars and Venus which shows that person will be suffering due to blood related problems, Bone marrow and give cancer. Sun is debilitated in the d27 chart which also signifies that person’s immunity to fight disease will be less. Sun is with Rahu this also shows eyes, heart problems for the person. The sign most afflicted is also Sagittarius, Pisces, Libra and Aries shows that brain, kidney thighs, feet and toes will be affected. This person had high diabetes due to this kidney was getting affected, many a times injury in the leg would not cured easily for months. This person got Cancer detected in Mahadasha of Saturn in 2016.