Prashna Kundli

KRISHNAMURTI PADDHATI (KP system) of astrology was named after Professor K.S. Krishmamurti who was the inventor of this system . KP system is based on the stellar system of prediction and the ‘sub lords’ .Professor Krishna murti researched for decades and invented this system of dividing of each constellation (star) into smaller parts. This he named as ‘sub’ i.e. smaller divisions of star. KP system is based on these sub lords to judge and analyse any chart.

KP system is very practical in solving our day to day problems and guides us to take preventive measures while taking decisions. Here I cite an example : Mr Arun has two job opportunities . Both the job are lucrative in terms of salary , future prospects, promotion, etc. But Mr Arun finds difficulty in choosing one out of two. Here KP astrology system can help Mr. Arun in making right decisions . By asking questions , Mr Arun can know which company will give him more benefits than the other. With this Mr Arun will make better and faster decisions which gurantees good future prospects.


Professor K.S. Krishmamurti

Commonly asked questions in KP system of astrology:

  • Which job/profession to choose?
  • Whether foreign travel will be beneficial?
  • Which business is beneficial?
  • Whether partnership business will be beneficial?
  • Whether visa interview will be cleared?
  • Which field to choose for higher studies?
  • Whether change of residence will be helpful?
  • Whether one will clear competitive exams?
  • Which type of investment will be advantageous ( property, shares, mutual funds)?
  • Whether couple will have child?
  • When one can come out of litigation/ loan?
  • Match making?
  • Birth time rectification?
  • And many more….