Astrology is popularly known as ‘Jyotish’ which means ‘Science of light’. It provides light into an individual life through scientific methods. Ancient text like Rigveda and Yajurveda provides text on jyotish. Based on the constellation in the sky at the time of birth the horoscope of person is prepared. According to the signs, Nakshatras, the position and strength of planets, analysis of dashas help in guiding the clients. Horoscopes gives indication through dots in different divisional charts. A logical astrologer will join these dots derived by a line and provide guidance to the clients.

It is said ‘Destiny cannot be changed’ which is true in many sense. An astrologer is not a magician , but can try to make clients life better by providing correct guidance based on readings of horoscopes. Everything that we experience in current life is due to karma of past life. If these karmic cycle is well understood then it can be rectified with the help of sacred mantras given by our sages, charity, and many more solutions.

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Sun is considered to be the king of planets. Sun represents eyes, heart, stomach, spine, back, bones, in our body. If Sun is in good position in someone’s chart , person will have great self confidence, will be honest, humble, egoistic, etc. Under its circumference it includes various profession / job like in Government sector, being orator, entrepreneur, doctor, grocery shop owner, a chemist , etc,.

Moon represents mental and emotional power in human body . Moon represents eyes, chest, uterus, lungs, and brain. A balanced moon in the individual’s chart will make a person of character, research-minded , peace loving etc,. Moon includes profession or job related to fishing, pearl culture, milk and related products, clothes, export and import, consulting psychologists etc,.


Mars signifies siblings , courage, land , agricultural land, arms and ammunition etc,. A strong mars in the astrological chart of the person makes him / her risk taker, welfare worker for the society, courageous, modern thinking ,etc,. Mars includes variety of profession like security forces, police, military, arms manufacturer, surgeon , engineer, etc,.


Mercury is considered as prince among all planets. If well placed in someone’s chart then person will be entrepreneur , argumentative, impressive communication skills, etc,. Under its shade mercury covers many profession like of a writer, author of book, publisher, chartered accountant , tax consultant, banking and insurance consultant, etc,.


Venus represents beautification . If venus is in favorable condition in an individual’s chart then he/ she will be lover of art , beautiful things , will enjoy life , etc,.Under its control venus has many profession like actors, singers, artist, interior designer, perfume manufacturers, restaurant owner, etc,.


Saturn is considered as karmic planet. Saturn makes a person lazy, rigid, argumentative, unsatisfied etc ,. Saturn relates to various profession like of a wind mill owner, mathematician, hardware engineer, laborer, contractors, builders, etc,.


Rahu is shadowy planet and has great influence in kalyug. Impact of rahu will make a atheist, afraid of snakes, image spoiler, etc,. Various professions under rahu are of a cigarette manufacturers, wine shop owners, pathologists , politics, etc,.


Ketu is body without head . It gives unexpected results in person’s chart. Professions like Physicians, religious leaders, knowledge of tantra/ mantra etc.,

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Person whose moon sign belongs to Aries will have physical features like big forehead, curly hair, medium physique, strong built, etc Person will be confident , aggressive, risk taker, enthusiastic, independent thinker, sensitive, etc,.



If an individual moon sign is Taurus then he or she will have beautiful eyes, short neck, square face, straight shoulders, etc., Person will have lot of endurance , alzy emotional , powerful, globe trotter, responsible towards family, have many friends, etc,.



A geminian will have long hands, active and thin physique, elongated face, etc,. Person will have less patience, lack of concentration, aggressive , thinker, clever, deep understanding, quick grasping, double thoughts, good calculating skills, reader etc,.



A pure cancerian will have short physique, average hands and legs, peaceful face, etc,. person will be miser, globe explorer, high level of imagination, good in maintaining relationships, etc ,.



If in individual’s chart leo is the rising moon sign then the person will have strong chest, wide shoulders, straight and upright body, egg like / oval face etc,. He/ she will have power, independence, follower of principles, mentally strong loves power and position , kind anf forgiver etc,.



An individual belonging to virgo moon sign will have small forehead, straight nose, square jaws, round face , etc,. person will be a good critics, thinker, alert calculative, gossiper, miser, loyal ,multi tasker, responsible towards family, etc,.



A libran will have pleasing personality, long oval face, medium physique, attractive face etc. Person will easily mix with people, loves entertainment and companionship, estimates things in advance, humanitarian qualities, ambitious, just and rational buyer, etc,.



A scorpion has curly hair, attractive eyes, strong built, appealing personality, etc,. A scorpion will be honest, loyal, vicious, hostile, tactical, analytical, confident , etc,.



An individual whose moon sign is Sagittarius will be tall, well built body, elongated face, big eyes, broad forehead, etc,. HE / she will be firm follower of customs and tradition, culture, adventurer, disciplined, religious, clever, maintains personal hygiene, focused etc,.



A person belonging to Capricorn moon sign will have wheatish complexion, tall, well built body, pleasing personality, etc,. He/She will be rigid in nature , hard working , ambitious, tolerant, peace loving, maintains relationships, healthy, thinker, good management skills, etc,.



An Aquarian will have thin hair, wheatish skin tone, elongated face, etc,. AN aquarian have deep understanding of things , sharp mind, knowledgeable, good memory, good writer, a loner, dissatisfaction in life, shy, etc,.



An individual having Pisces as moon sign will have attractive eyes, pleasing personality, symmetrical body, etc,. He / she will be emotional, lazy, fair in conduct, religious, eager to help others, contented in life, god fearing, etc,.



Clients are constantly concerned about the amount of wealth that will be created and saved in one’s lifetime. In our service we provide guidelines as to which type of investment will generate wealth like in shares or mutual funds, investing in someone’s business, dasha periods which will be favourable for it and many more.