Foreign Settlement

We at shivhom Vastu use modern scientific techniques of astrology in analyzing the horoscope of person who wants to go abroad for work, for marriage, for studies and get permanently settled in foreign country. Our Vedic astrology is so profound that Yogas of ancient times are applicable even today. No doubt life is changing fast, we have various clients who want to go abroad due to various reasons. Nowadays due to globalization people want to reside in other foreign countries for better prospects. We provide services in analyzing yogas which can lead to permanent settlement abroad, denial of the same, timings of settlement and any other question asked by the clients. Since we have many clients from metropolitan city like Mumbai and other cities like Bangalore, Pune, Surat, Delhi, Noida etc...

Example -

  • Gender : Female
  • Date Of Birth : 19/4/1973
  • Time : 23.55
  • Location : Baroda
  • We will see this chart for foreign settlement with the help of different charts. This person had gone to a foreign country for studies and later on got settled in that country.

    We will see d1 chart of this person, lagna has Rahu in it and lagna lord is with 12th lord. This shows that this person will be connected to far off lands. In this chart 8th lord is in 12th house aspected by 3rd lord which is the house away from homeland. Also 3rd lord is aspecting 8th house so this shows going away from homeland to a foreign country. Mars is also aspecting 9th lord Sun which shows that person will be travelling to thousands of kilometers from home country for education purpose. In this chart there is strong promise for foreign travel. To confirm on the same and to see permanent settlement in foreign country in the chart we will see in D4 chart.


    In this chart Jupiter is aspecting lagna its own house which makes lagna strong. In the chart, 4th house has Mercury in its own house along with a malefic which shows that person will be going away from the house. Now, 8th lord which is foreign country is with lagna lord which shows strong desire to go to foreign land .Again 12th lord is aspecting 9th house which is long distance travelling to far off lands. Also, 9th lord is with 8th lord which shows long distant travelling to foreign and settling there. Since this person went initially for education and then got permanent settled there. For this we have to see D24 chart to confirm on the same.


    In d24 chart 4thlord, the house of aspiring for education is in 8th house. This reveals that person has keen desire to study abroad. There is connection of 12thlord in 9th house, 8th lord in 3rd house aspecting 12th lord which shows will be go to foreign lands for higher studies. Person went in the Mahadasha of Mercury which is associated with Rahu in D4 chart.