Industrial Vastu


Like residential, plot and office vastu industrial vastu is of prime importance. We are Industrial vastu consultant located in Mumbai provide services in various parts of the country. It is essential that there is smooth production of finished goods, satisfied workers, enough liquidity, increased sales, increased profits, etc., To get desired results it is important that machineries, boilers, industrial waste, administrative office, underground water tank, toilet, finished goods, chimney, oven, burner, etc., should be placed according to vastu. We at shivhom vastu and astrology provide consultancy at the factory or any commercial place in Mumbai as well outside Mumbai.


Vastu tips to be followed in vastu for industries:

  • Office of the Managing Director, supervisors, and senior executives should be in the south west direction of the factory. They should always face north east while sitting.
  • Heavy machineries should always be kept in southwest, west and south direction. Heavy machinery should not be kept in north and east direction.
  • Heavy raw materials should be kept in south west direction of the factory.
  • Workers should always face either east or north while working.
  • Electricity board, boilers, oven etc., should be kept in the south east direction. Brahmasthan should be vacant and in no case above mentioned things should be placed in the Brahmasthan.
  • Industrial waste or any kind of garbage should not kept in the north east direction of the factory.
  • Cash counter of the factory should always be kept in north, east and north east direction.