Nowadays parents have great concern about their children’s education. Here at shivhom vastu and astrology we accurately predict about the child’s education path whether it will be diploma, degree, masters, doctorate level or research, foreign education, any breaks in education, technical and non-technical education and any other query asked by the clients .At shivhom vastu and astrology wesuggest people in general before plunging into any field for their children and spending lacs of rupees, should get their children’s horoscope for choosing any field.

Example -

  • Gender : Female
  • Date Of Birth : 26/10/1985
  • Time : 11:38 AM
  • Place Of Birth : Salalah (Oman)
  • This is the chart of a woman who has completed her Masters in dental surgery. We will analyze her chart so as to understand the planetary combination for becoming a dental doctor. As you can see in D1 chart her lagna is aspected by planet Mars. This shows that she will be of daring nature. She will be having logical thinking process which is very essential quality to be a doctor. Her 5th houseand 9th house are important for education, as it provides degree to the person. Her 5th house is aspected by 9th lord planet Sun which shows that the person will be in a respectable profession. In India we consider doctor next to god as he/ she is a life saver. In her chart 5th and 6th lord are sitting together in 10th house. The 6th house is house of disease so her studies and profession are connected to diseases. Mars and Venus are also aspected by planet Moon which is 8th lord in the chart. So Moon is the lord of house which shows deep secrets hidden and doctor’s work is to find the hidden diseases from patient’sbody. There is parivartan yoga between 10th and 11th lord which shows that all her planets are connected in such a way that she will take education of medical field. After completing her analysis in d1 chart we will go to her d24 chart which we see exclusively for education.


    In her d24 chart planet Saturn is sitting exalted and aspecting 5th house of education. Saturn is significator of teeth and also aspecting lagna of d24 chart. Her 2nd lord is also well connected to 4th lord which shows the area of interest in education. According to Kaalpurush kundli sixth rashi is in 10th house of d24 chart and Venus is sitting there aspecting planet Sunand 4th house which shows connection of disease with education. This also shows that person will put persistent effort to complete MDS degree. Looking at her chart we can analyze that she can go for further studies and research will be her inclination. She completed her MDS degree in the period of 2012 in the mahadasha of ketu.


    Example -

  • Gender : Female
  • Date Of Birth : 18/11/1993
  • Time : 09.05am
  • Place Of Birth : Surat
  • This is the chart of another person who has completed ICWA degree. Let us analyze this person’s chart. In d1 chart lagna has Moon which is 8th lord which shows that person is inclined to find hidden things. Lagnesh Jupiter is in 11th house along with Mercury and Venus which is a beautiful SaraSwati yoga. This yoga makes the person known to many art, skills and makes the person highly intelligent. These three planets are aspecting fifth house the house of intelligence, which shows thatperson has excellent grasping power which is very essential for any kind of higher studies. In d1 chart 9th house is aspected by Saturn which shows person will study consistently in order to get a higher degree. This aspect is important because unless and until person is not consistent inhis/her studies will not get desired results. In this chart 5th lord and 9thlord Mars and Sun are sitting together in 12th house which shows that person will be studying something related to accounts. From here we confirm that person will be in a commerce field.


    We will analyzed 24 chart which we will see especially for education in d 24 chart.Lagna has planet Saturn and Sun .It is also aspected by planet Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu. Planet Sun is in its own sign and aspect of Jupiter which shows that the person is willing to study. But Planet Saturn will make the person keep on going to take higher studies. Jupiter is also aspecting Venus and Mercury, shows that Saraswati yoga formed in D1 chart is also to an extent fulfilled here. Out of four upchay houses three are occupied and more of benefic planets are sitting there. This also reflects that a person will be able to complete education without much hindrance. This person completed ICWA in the year February 2018 in the mahadasha of Rahu.In d24 chart many technical planets are associated with the lord of education and lagna lord. This person has taken further studies in the field of Artificial intelligence which is more of technical field in the year of 2019.The person cleared examination on the same in the Mahadasha of Rahu, as Rahu is the planet significator of machines.