Auspicious Rajyogas  

Meaning of Rajyogas: In Vedic astrology Rajyogas are such planetary combination which will give a person an elevation in career, finance, fame, power and position. If these Rajyogas are present in the chart of a person he/ she will  have all worldly pleasures of life, will be soft spoken, strong headed, compassionate, a social worker, independent, ambitious, of a  good virtue, good past karma, excellent skills, artist, etc.,
Gajkesari yoga: If Jupiter is in Kendra from Moon in the horoscope i.e. if it is placed 4th, 7th or 10th from Moon then Gajkesari yoga is formed. Any person having this combination in the chart will be very respectable person in the society, spiritually inclined, god farer, knowledgeable, book lover, more attached to mother, famous, polite and generous. But Gajkesari yoga will only be fruitful if Moon in the person’s horoscope is in its own sign, exalted, belong to Kendra or trikona house of the horoscope, should be degreecally near to Jupiter, at the same time it should also belong to Kendra and trikona house and should not be aspected by any lord of 6th, 8th and 12th house.


  •  Ruchaka yoga: If Mars is in Kendra, exalted position, own house and belong to Kendra or trikona lord, then it is called as Ruchaka yoga. Any person having this Raj yoga in his / her horoscope will be over loaded with energy, by nature commanding, strong and well built, will be in authoritative position in defense, police, high self-confidence, independent, a warrior, land owner, ambitious and  skilled in weapon. This yoga will only be beneficial if it is aspected by benefic planet. This yoga is more beneficial to Aries lagna, Scorpio lagna and Cancer lagna horoscope.
  • Bhadra yoga: When Mercury is in Kendra in its own house or exalted position then it is called as Bhadra yoga. Such a person will be highly intelligent, will have great communication skills, business minded, calculative, and expert in one’s own field and good grasping power. This yoga will be fruitful to Gemini lagna, Virgo lagna, Sagittarius lagna and Pisces lagna horoscope.
  • Amla kirti yoga: If 10th house from lagna or Moon lagna, there is any benefic planet like Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Mercury occupy position then in such case it is said to be Amla kirti yoga. Any person born under this yoga will be wealthy, famous personality, will get support from government, religious minded, happy go lucky,   lives a luxurious life, famous politician, restaurant owner, famous sports person etc., For this yoga to give its fruit benefic planet should be in a good position and should not be aspected   by any malefic planet, lords of trikona or Kendra house.
  • Malviya yoga: If Venus is placed in exalted position or in its own house in Kendra from lagna, then we can say that person has Malviya yoga in his/ her horoscope. Any person born in Malviya yoga will have beautiful physical appearances, appealing eyes, lips, long arms, shining teeth. Such person will have all materialistic pleasures in life, will also have happy and satisfied family life, knowledgeable and live long and contented life. This yoga will be beneficial to Taurus or Libra lagna horoscope.
  • Hansa yoga: If Jupiter is placed in exaltation or in its own house and is in Kendra from lagna then this yoga is called as Hansa yoga. Any person born in this Hansa yoga will have beautiful physical appearance, appealing personality, ambitious, curious in achieving knowledge, will have beautiful partner and lives a long life.
  • Shasha Yoga: If Saturn is placed in exaltation or in its own house in Kendra from lagna then this yoga is called shasha yoga. Any person born in this Shasha yoga will be a warrior, leader of a group or district, skillful in using weapons, brave, and scholar. He/she will be travelling to unknown places, like fort, caves, and mountains, interested in others wealth and wife and lives a long life.

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