Introduction of Numerologyheading_icon


Numerology is the calculation of numbers to find information about personal traits, one’s inclination, future prospects, talent, interest areas, etc., Each number have certain vibration and ruled by certain planets which tells us about person’s path in life. Numerology uses an individual’s birth date, birth place, and full name, to find out about the person’s life. It is experienced that anything in excess is poison, which is very true in case of numbers. Certain numbers are in conflict with other numbers, it is very important to find out this at a very early age. This will help in correcting the names of an individual, company’s name, and forecasting of events in an individual’s life on yearly basis.

Numerology can help in following ways:

  • Students whose concentration is weak, hyper energetic ,wants to excel in studies, etc.,
  • Couples who are finding difficulty in maintaining relationships, continuous arguments with each other, etc.,
  • Employed individuals waiting for lucrative opportunity, obstacles in professional growth, pay hike, etc.,
  • Businessmen who wants to start another venture, investment, expansion, liquidity problem, etc.,
  • Health issues that disturb the daily routine or serious health problems.
  • And many more.