We marriage astrologer at shivhom vastu and astrology consult clients about marriage age, characteristics of life partner, late marriage, happiness in marriage, luck after marriage, yogas in the chart and many more We are also specialist astrologer located in Mumbai in identifying love marriage in a person’s horoscope.

Example -

  • Date of Birth : 4/10/1954
  • Time : 09.31 am
  • Location : Mumbai
  • This is the chart of person who has 40 years of happy married life. In D1 chart lagna has Mercury, Venus and Saturn which is aspecting 7thhouse, which is the house of partner/spouse. This shows that person will get married. In the chart 7th lord is in 3rd house along with Moon and Rahu. This shows that person will find problems in married life.


    Now we will check D9 house lagna has one malefic and one benefic and aspected by one malefic, this shows that person was not very keen in getting married. Lagna lord in 8th house which shows that with medium effort the person found suitable match to get married. Now we will see 7th house which is aspected by one malefic and two benefic which promises a good marriage. In the chart 7th lord is aspecting its own house which strengthens the married life. Even though 4th house has Rahu and no benefic aspect of planet shows no happiness in marriage. But due to benefic aspect on 7th house married life lasted very long. We astrologer located at Andheri, Mumbai specialises in marriage analysis.