Match Making

There is well known saying that ‘Marriages are made in heaven’ which is very true. At shivhom vastu and astrology we are specialized in many sectors of astrology and Kundli matching for marriage consultation is one of them. Our predictions in the field of Kundli match making services for marriage are not only accurate but also we provide practical solutions in marriage consultation. These solutions help in making partners relations harmonial and cordial. We at Shivhom provide 360 degree consultations which will also include vastu analysis of client’s residence. This will provide us with in-depth reason of client’s problems along with horoscope. Our marriage consultation include timing of marriage, characteristics of life partner, late marriage, happiness in marriage, luck after marriage, love life , problems in marriage, chances of separation, chances of divorce, manglik kundli, profession of life partner, yogas in the chart and many more.

Example -

  • Gender : Male
  • Date of Birth : 01/12/1981
  • Time : 05.30 AM
  • Location : Vapi
  • Match1

    Example -

  • Gender : Female
  • Date of Birth : 10/12/1979
  • Time : 02.00 AM
  • Location : Pune
  • Match2

    Here we are taking the chart of a couple who are having happy married life of 12 years and still counting. This the boy’s chart and this the girl’s chart. In their d1 chart we can see that boy’s chart 7th house is aspected by Jupiter and its lord mars is in 11th house. This shows the promise of marriage. Mars in 11th house that person will get married to someone of his choice. In girl’s chart 7th house is aspected by Saturn which is the 5th lord which also shows that a person will get married to someone of her choice. In the same chart planets like Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Mars are in the same rashi which makes a good match for the couples.


    Now if we see their d9 chart which we specifically see for married life. In boy’s d9 chart lagna is aspected by Sun which is malefic planet which reveals that person is not so inclined to get married.

    Lagna lord Venus is with planet Moon and Ketu which also reveals that boy will get girl without much hurdles in life. In girl’s chart we observed that lagna had exalted planet Moon in it which shows that girl very much wanted to get married. Lagna lord is in 6th house shows that person may find some problems in finding an appropriate match. Boys 7th lord is in 4th house of girl along with Jupiter and aspected by Sun. This shows that even with problems in marriage there will be protection to marriage. Girl’s 7th lord is in 8th house of boy’s chart along with Jupiter. The position reveals that person with lot of hurdles and will be able to save marriage. Their 4th house shows happiness in marriage which is the key to long lasting married life. Their 5th house has benefic planet or is in shubh kartari which is saving the marriage from any bad circumstances. Their Sun and Moon is in 1/7 axis from each other which shows that they will have friendly relations like King and his queen throughout their life.