Child Birth Astrology

We at Shivhom vastu and astrology located at Andheri, Mumbai provide detailed analysis regarding child birth. Couples in today’s time want children only when they are settled and mentally prepared for taking responsibility of child. It is advisable at this juncture to get your horoscope checked so as to see the possible yoga period for child birth. We astrologers assess divisional chart to have microscopic view for child birth. We advise and provide guidance only after confirming in both the partners chart. We try to analyze the birth period of child’s birth. Late child birth, any medical intervention for child birth, happiness from child/ children and remedies incase required.

Example -

  • Date of Birth : 19/9/1989
  • Time : 09:05 AM
  • Place of Birth : Navsari
  • We are taking the chart of a person who had problems in the first child. In D1 chart 5th house is the house of childrenwhich has Rahu but Jupiter is aspecting 5th house which gives promise for a child birth. Planet Saturn the lord of 5th house is aspected by planet Mars but planet Saturn is also aspecting its own 5th house which strengthens the house. Beside some hurdle there is surety of child birth.


    Now, we will see D7 chart to confirm on the same. Lagna of D7 is aspected by Planet Mars which is its own house which reveals that person is keen to have child. In D7 chart 9th house is aspected by 12th lord and planet Mars which is also 6th lord of illness. It is confirmed that child will be born but it was born with some physical problems. The child couldn’t survive for more than 7 months. Now for second child we will see 11th house which has Moon and Jupiter, which promises the second child. Its lord is in 8th house which is in its own house which confirms on the same. In this chart 11th house is also aspected by Planet Saturn and Sun which strengthens the 11th house. This reveals that person will get happiness of second child.