In today’s world wealth is the most important part of life. It is important to attract wealth and prosperity by following few tips in vastu shahstra. Every house is made up of five elements and it is necessary to balance these elements of nature so as to get desired results. Following tips will be useful in general for attracting wealth and abundance:


  • South east direction of the house is very prominent in terms of consistent cash flow. In order to improve and bring stability in the wealth generation, one should burn camphor tablets in the south east direction of the house. Chanting Gayatri mantra or listening to mantra in the south east direction will lead to unobstructable cash flow.
  • North direction is also very significant in the house as it is the direction of lord Kuber. Lord Kuber is the god of money, wealth and richness. Keeping heavy weight goods in the north direction of the house will create obstacles in wealth generation. If heavy weight goods are immediately removed, money related problems will be solved.
  • One should take soil from the garden of the person who is wealthy and prosperous and use this soil in his own garden.Taking soil from such person’s garden or home will add on the same prosperity to the person.
  • Keep miniature of pair of elephants in the house. As elephants are symbol of wisdom, good luck, majesty and protection, one should avoid keeping elephants statues with downward trunk. The trunk of elephants should always be inan upward direction. 
  • Keeping picture or3D statue of horse in the house is always considered to be auspicious. But it is important to remember that this picture should be of seven horses with a sun and it should be in the east direction of the house. This picture brings lot of positivity in the house and opens up opportunities for wealth generation.
  • Plant of Tulsi is considered to be very auspicious, as it removes obstacles and negative energy from the house. The plant of Tulsi if kept outside the main door of the house will protect the house from evil energy and bring in positive energy which will open the doors for prosperity in the house.
  • The wallet is utilized for various purposes like in making cash payments, to keep all the money received, and all types of cards are kept. It is very important to clean the wallet which has old bills, receipts, unnecessary papers, etc., which are of no use. This will create more room for new money flow and get away with old and stagnant energies.
  • The centre of the house is called As Brahmasthan, which has lot of significance since ancient times in vastu. In order to control the demon, Brahma the creator of universe sat on the middle of the demon along with other gods and thus named the demon as vastu purush. Therefore the middle of any residential property should be clutter free and no heavy weights should be kept on it. This will help in continuous flow of wealth, positive energy and promotes good health among the dwellers.
  • The house should be free from any kind of leakages of tap, tank, flush tank, pipes, or kind of water devices. As water is the important element among five elements, water also represents flow of income . Therefore waste of water due to leakages will lead to unexpected and unnecessary expenses in the house. These leakages should be immediately repaired to avoid any damages.

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