Everyone faces financial problems in life at some or the other time in the life. So in order to solve problems we have come with some basic tips of financial stability and prosperity. Following are few tips which will help our readers to solve their problems:
  • The symbol of swastika has special place in Hindu festivals, rituals, day to day prayers in every household. The meaning of Swastika is ‘wellbeing ‘or ‘good luck’. Using saffron or turmeric paste to draw the symbol is considered to be more auspicious. This will bring prosperity to the home dwellers.
  • It is also important to visit Goddess laxmi’s temple every Friday. It is very well known that goddess Laxmi is symbol of wealth and prosperity, so offering red flower and litting lamp of ghee will also give good results. 
  • Every woman represents goddess laxmi, this is also a saying in Hinduscriptures. Keeping them happy by giving them with gifts or presents and treating them with respect will also form good karma which will help to overcome financial difficulties.
  • If a person on daily basis offer water and litting ghee lamp to the base of banana tree will help to improve the wealth of a person. 
  • Gomati chakra are found naturally from Gomati river and it represents abundance. Keepingeleven Gomati chakra in puja, reciting the mantra of goddess laxmi and putting energized chakras in the cash box of the house will help in getting rid of financial problems.
  • The plant of Tulsi is also considered to be auspicious outside the house, as it will protect the dwellers from any kind of negative energies. Offering raw milk every Thursday to the Tulsi plant will also bring prosperity to the person.
  • One should offer cur cumin to lord Vishnu on the first Wednesday of every month and then tying thesame cur cumin on the right hand. This will bring in financial stability and prosperity in the person’s life.
  • Keeping camphor in the rose flower and in the evening litting the camphor, offer the flower to the goddess laxmi. It should be done for continuously 43 days which  helps in sudden gain of wealth. 

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